Nick Clegg does some top banter, changes party name to “Liberal Democats”

LOL, yes? No.

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Nick Clegg met Joey Essex this morning. Because that is what politicians do.

During their discussion, it turns out that Essex was a bit confused by the name of Clegg’s party. He thought it was “cool” because it had the word “cats” in.

Until Clegg corrected him, that is, and pointed out that his party is actually called the Liberal Democrats, of course.

All par for the course for an awkward meeting between a politician and a celebrity, right?

Until Clegg’s lot decided to continue the top banter onto their website. has had a bit of a logo change this morning:

Let’s look at that a bit closer:

We can barely contain our chuckles here at NS towers. As an esteemed colleague put it just now: “Liberal Demoprats, more like.”

I'm a mole, innit.

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