In pictures: the Pegida protests in Germany

A look at the anti-"islamisation" rallies of the rightwing group Pegida taking place in Germany.

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Supporters of Pegida gather in Duesseldorf before Christmas. Photo: Getty


The German flag is ubiquitous at these protests. Photo: Getty


The protesters begin to gather in Dresden, which built up to a record 18,000 Pegida supporters turning out on Monday. Photo: Getty

A protester holds a light-up crucifix aloft in Dresden. Photo: Getty


Pegida supporters in Dresden shine their smartphones. Photo: Getty

A demonstrator behind a huge national flag. Photo: Getty


An anti-Pegida protestor in Berlin is arrested by police for refusing to leave the street during the demo. Photo: Getty


A Pegida supporter in Berlin presents an anti-Mosque sticker. Photo: Getty

Leftwing activists in Berlin demonstrate against Pegida with a particularly demonstrative umbrella. Photo: Getty


Anti-Pegida protestors do a dance with brooms in Dresden. Photo: Getty

Lights to illuminate Cologne's landmark cathedral are switched off in protest against the Pegida rally. Photo: Getty