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17 September 2014updated 24 Jun 2021 12:58pm

“Your absurd, ignorant dictat on fish”: a very Guardian spat over Scotland

The Guardian’s environment columnist and the Observer’s food critic clash over the Scottish independence debate. And it turns into a fish fight.

By Media Mole

Two writers for Guardian newspapers have had a very public spat concerning the Scottish referendum debate. It was chiefly fish-based.

The Observer’s restaurant critic Jay Rayner took issue with a piece by Guardian columnist George Monbiot about Scottish independence. The article is about how the media “shafted” the people of Scotland. You can read it here.

Rayner posted the piece on Twitter, deriding the “great” Monbiot for “biting the hand that feeds”. He added: “Had a meeting with him once. An hour of my life I’ll never get back”.

This opened the floodgates of a very aggressive online confrontation. About fish.

Here is how the ding-dong escalated, with thanks to the Telegraph’s Michael Deacon:

It makes this mole think Scotland is probably better off trout. 

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