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Nuclear energy companies want Huhne to push for new plants

Nuclear sector urges Energy Secretary ahead of Thursday's Nuclear Development Forum

Chief executives from the main nuclear energy companies are meeting the UK Energy Secretary Chris Huhne in London this week, to urge progress in the plans to build new nuclear power stations across the country, the Telegraph has reported.

The meeting will take place on Thursday at the Department for Energy and Climate Change's Nuclear Development Forum.

Keith Parker, chief executive of the Nuclear Industry Association, has been reported as saying that the forum was a "crucial opportunity" to engage the new Government. He added that the nuclear industry would urge it to maintain momentum in the new build programme for nuclear power plants.

The energy bosses want nuclear power to be treated as a low carbon power fuel source for tax purposes.

Huhne has said in the Commons that the new government is committed to allowing the construction of new nuclear power stations to contribute to the country's energy security and climate change goals. He, however, wants the industry not to ask for any public subsidy to fund the construction works.