McAfee launches Cloud Secure program

McAfee has launched a new service for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers to add additional secur

The Cloud Secure program will combine cloud security certification services, offered by certification and attestation providers, with automated auditing, remediation and reporting capabilities provided by McAfee.

According to McAfee, the new program includes cloud security certification services that are provided on an annual basis and will include existing security controls, processes and certifications, as well as future cloud security standards; and automatic and daily security audits, remediation of vulnerabilities and reporting of the security status of their service and network using the McAfee Cloud Secure service.

McAfee also plans to build on the program by leveraging its SaaS portfolio of cloud-based security services along with its global threat intelligence network.

Marc Olesen, senior vice president and general manager of McAfee Software-as-a-Service, said: "McAfee Cloud Secure is our first step toward proactive and comprehensive security certifications and tools for the cloud. McAfee is uniquely positioned to address security for the cloud given our technology, reputation and cloud expertise.

"With the McAfee Cloud Secure program, we are adding peace of mind for those with cloud deployments, helping end users more easily evaluate and select a safe and secure vendor."