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Kraft apologises for closing Cadbury plant

US food giant Kraft Foods has said it is "truly sorry" over its broken promise to save a Cadbury fac

Kraft said the pledge it made on keeping the factory open was made "in good faith".

Senior Kraft executive Marc Firestone made the humiliating public apology to MPs at a parliamentary select committee hearing, which is investigating Kraft's u-turn over the future of the former Cadbury plant.

Prior to Kraft agreeing to take over Cadbury in January, the Somerdale plant had been earmarked for closure by the UK chocolate maker. Kraft however vowed to keep the factory open despite the fact that the process to close the facility had already been set in motion to shift production to Poland.

Kraft came under heavy fire from British MPs who expressed incredulity over Firestone's assertion that Kraft felt it could keep the plant open. The Kraft executive however promised that the company would not close any more of its UK factories for at least the next two years.

Official complaints against Kraft's "misleading" statements have been made by unions and local politicians to the City's Takeover Panel which is responsible for regulating takeovers and mergers.

The US group said it had no plans to rename Cadbury's UK brands and would continue to produce Dairy Milk at its factory in Bournville.
Kraft will also continue to be a sponsor for the 2012 Olympic Games under the Cadbury brand name.