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Osborne urged to prioritise the nuclear option

Campaign group heaps pressure on Osbourne to back nuclear industry.

The Chancellor George Osborne has been urged to put nuclear power at the forefront of the country's electricity supply policy by Sir William McAlpine, chairman of the pressure group Supporters of Nuclear Energy (SONE).

The call comes at a controversial time for nuclear energy mainly due to the fall out from the massive earthquake that hit Japan in March this year and that damaged the countries nuclear infrastructure. The leak of radioactive material from damaged nuclear reactors prompted worldwide concern over the safety and feasibility of nuclear power.

McAlpine wrote: "We welcome your determination that Britain should not impose costs on consumers and industry that exceed those of our competitors in an effort to reduce carbon emissions and your reduction of some subsidies."

In an attack on the government's renewable energy policy he went on to argue that: "The sheer disparity between the cost of other sources -- and especially offshore wind -- and nuclear is startling when nuclear can reasonably be claimed to provide security of low carbon supply at affordable cost."

He added: "We wish you well in re-introducing the long-overdue concept of value for money into it. In our view, the evidence requires nuclear power to be at the forefront of electricity supply policy."