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Prosperity Without Growth: Economics for a Finite Planet by Tim Jackson


In Prosperity Without Growth: Economics for a Finite Planet (Earthscan, £14.99), Tim Jackson offers a detailed critique of today's economic paradigm. He acknowledges the profound dilemma that growth-based societies face and suggests a blueprint for change: a set of policy directions in the transition to a sustainable economy. Jackson urges us to challenge our notion of growth - on a planet with finite resources, perpetual growth is not only impossible, it is endangering the survival of present and future generations. Under the auspices of the Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundation, I have been advocating critical reforms to our model of development, encompassing principles of justice, respect for human rights, good governance, accountability, the protection of the environment and sustainability. We urgently require a shift in our basic values. I urge everyone to read this visionary book and to follow Jackson's suggestions for how to achieve a shared and lasting prosperity.

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This article first appeared in the 22 November 2010 issue of the New Statesman, Advantage Cameron