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Political Memoirs — John Major

“John Major: the Autobiography”, is considered brutally honest, charting not just his time in the po

John Major's autobiography was respected for its candid nature, though the stories surrounding his stint as prime minister are not as glamorous -- or, at least, as media-friendly -- as Blair's, and Major's own character not as engaging as Clark's (sorry, John).

Yet Major has a lot to offer, and the tale of his ascendency as one of Margaret Thatcher's favourites makes fascinating reading. On her watch, he became foreign secretary and then chancellor of the Exchequer. When Thatcher fell, he fought and won a shrewd campaign to succeed her, and went on also to win a remarkable and unexpected general election victory in 1992.

Ron Hattersley reflected that:

In fact, there is so much painful truth in Major's autobiography that it must appeal to the political voyeur. But it is also essential reading for anyone who aspires to understand the politics of the 1990s.