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Political Memoirs — Alan Clark

“Diaries: In Power” was published in 1993 and is considered one of the best accounts of a politician

Alan Clark's Diaries: In Power covers the two parliaments that he served under Margaret Thatcher -- until her ousting, in a coup Clark observed closely from the inside -- and under John Major.

This is the most outspoken and revealing account of British political life ever written.

Norman Lamont called him "the most politically incorrect, outspoken, iconoclastic and reckless politician of our times", yet the Diaries have been recognised as a definitive account of the downfall of Thatcher.

Julian Glover wrote:

Alan Clark's diaries were so good that Edwina Currie attempted to copy them. The result, in her case, was less than impressive but his book will be read in a century's time thanks to its stylish writing, acute observation and dashes of insanity. The author's political judgement was terrible and his vanity seemingly endless but he caused a stir and not only because of his fixation on sex.

It made our number-two spot because of its acclaim, ousted from the number-one spot only by the timing of The Third Man.