The edge - Amanda Platell despairs of dishonest Renee

Renee's annulment seems dishonest. Marriage is not like a designer frock you can return within 28 da

So much has been said about Kate Moss's predilection for hard drugs and soft women that it has almost overshadowed the very bad behaviour of another female icon, the sometime Bridget Jones and full-time Renee Zellweger. Women everywhere were enchanted when Renee, a singledom heroine, married the squillionaire country singer Kenny Chesney in a perfect frock on a paradise island after a whirlwind romance of less than four months.

Alas, just four months after the sunset wedding, the sun set on their marriage and Renee filed for an annulment.

Now, for every person who believes in marriage, this was the most bitter of blows. For better or worse, she married the guy, they exchanged vows, she performed her conjugals, she became his wife. The reason for the annulment is supposed to be that Kenny, 37, after a pretty horrible start to their marriage in which they spent only 17 days together, wanted to wait a while before they started a family. With her 36-year-old biological alarm clock going off, Renee decided time waits for no man, even if he is her husband.

We could cope with a quickie divorce after a quickie marriage, but an annulment seems a most dishonest move. Marriage is not like a designer frock you can return within 28 days and get your money back. And just as no person can expect the love of their partner on demand, no woman can claim her husband's sperm on demand. It's little wonder men are being pathologically put off marriage.

Being an admirer of Alison Lapper's courage in raising a child and creating a distinguished career despite being born with hands but no arms, and feet but no legs, I wanted to see for myself the statue of Lapper now standing in Trafalgar Square.

But to say it graces the square or her achievements is a misnomer, as the statue is singularly devoid of grace.

"It gives a very powerful message about disability and motherhood and being a woman," she says. I beg to differ. Its message is about disability and confrontation, the pregnant pose a stunt to get it noticed. It is the art world's equivalent of vanity publishing.

Brave, yes, but there is nothing feminine about it nor, alas, anything lovely. While anybody can be beautiful, as Ms Lapper constantly and correctly reminds us, not every body is beautiful.

The most revealing statement in Prince Harry's coming-of-age interview was not that he loved Camilla Parker Bowles "to bits", although that was enough of a betrayal of his mother for most of us, but his claim that he was both a party prince and a caring one. "If that's a problem with anyone, then I'm very sorry. I don't want to change that much. I am who I am."

Twenty-one years old, and already a perfect person. Only our future king could breed such breathtaking arrogance in one so young.

Nothing to do with the fact that Asda has lost market share, of course, nor that the facelifted, liposuctioned mother of all motormouths was not quite as simpatico with its customers as the budget supermarket had hoped . . . It's just that Sharon Osbourne has decided that she is too busy to complete the £7m ad campaign.

In retrospect, having a multimillionairess (especially one who owns mansions all over the world and keeps a personal chef) fronting a working mums' food store was about as silly as having the skinny former supermodel and failed daytime (or any-time) TV star Twiggy fronting the new do-or-die fashion range for Marks & Spencer.

Oh no, they couldn't. Oh yes, they have.

Charles Kennedy takes centre stage in celebratory mood for the first Liberal Democrat conference since the 2005 election. The party is on the move, he is prime minister material, and it's a moral triumph.

Not since the Aussie captain Ricky Ponting tried to explain to the Australian media how he'd lost the Ashes to England have I heard defeat so beautifully dressed as victory.

This article first appeared in the 26 September 2005 issue of the New Statesman, Vote Brown: get Blair!