Caring Enron

I have lived and temped in Oxford for years, and worked for many big-name companies with one thing in common - giving the wretched temp a rotten time. All except Enron, which had offices in Oxford. I'm not alone. Many local temps say the same things: no training; careless, money-grubbing agencies; exploitation; rotten pay. But they agree that Enron was different in every one of these respects.

Strange, isn't it? I've had Carol Murray's experience (Letter of the week, 18 February) with lots of other employers, but the Enron staff (highest to lowest, and I regularly took calls from the US) were charming, considerate and educated, and took the trouble to tell me how much they appreciated my work and how they would tell the agency so (not that the agency cared). Enron paid better than any other company in Oxford, including some of the chaotic, bullying but celebrated charities for which I've worked.

Jess Carr

This article first appeared in the 25 February 2002 issue of the New Statesman, The unusual suspects