Blair flair(s)

Julian Glover ("Tony, the straightest guy in town", 30 October) alleges that Tony Blair "probably ironed his jeans at university". Be fair: even the PM had his wild moment, specifically as the Jaggeresque frontman of the unlamented Ugly Rumours. Witness the evocative description of a youthful Blair by an Oxonian bandmate in John Rentoul's biography: "the long hair with the rather severe fringe - a slightly medieval look about him, a sort of Three Musketeers thing - a T-shirt that can only be described as 'hoop-necked' and possibly even 'trumpet-sleeved', which revealed a large acreage of rippling bare torso, and beyond that the obligatory purple loons, topped off with the Cuban-heeled cowboy boots."

Have you ever tried to iron a pair of loon pants? It must have taken him hours.

Alex von Tunzelmann
London W11