Another side of Trinidad

Darcus Howe's column ("Caribbean news gets more ghastly by the week", 7 August) painted a less than accurate picture of the problems and politics of Trinidad.

As someone whose family lives on the island, I am all too aware that what Howe calls an "orgy of violence" is often not far from the truth. However, his implication that this orgy is confined to the Indian community in Trinidad is misleading. While it is true that squaring religion with daily reality has led to problems for Trinidadian Indians, it is no more common than the drug-related crimes that have become associated with the Afro-Caribbean community there.

I am all for scratching the "beach paradise" surface of the Caribbean to uncover its true nature, and what Howe calls its "degeneration", but we need all sides of the story for the real picture.

Liza Ramrayka
London NW6

This article first appeared in the 14 August 2000 issue of the New Statesman, So, who still wants to be a millionaire?