Bobos beware

Cristina Odone ("Why Tony Blair is a Bobo", 31 July) has articulated the misgivings of many of us who have lost faith in new Labour. What sticks in my craw is the hijacking of the party by the trendy middle class. Not that this is new. During 50 years of party membership, I met more Patricia Hewitts, Margaret Hodges and Barbara Folletts than most people have had hot dinners. At social functions, you simply looked for the MP and there they would be in their designer clothes, their shrill cut-glass accents rending the air, surrounding the poor chap like a praetorian guard. The working-class members were out at the back cutting sandwiches and making tea.

The characteristic they had in common was a lack of staying power. They were likely to fade away when Labour Party membership ceased to be fashionable. Tony Blair will learn to his cost that, for the Bobos, nothing has really changed.

Leslie Moody
London SE3