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A selection of the best articles about politics, business and life on the Rock from the last seven days.

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Is 8th January too late to wish readers a Happy New Year? It’s our first Friday back so we haven’t had a chance yet…

The rest of the world has been back to business as usual for a while, with the new caretaker government in Spain already asking for talks on Gibraltarian sovereignty (and, logically, similar discussions surrounding the Falklands).  Merco Press reports on the story and the confirmation that the UK remains committed to self-determination for the Rock.

Europe (expect this to be a major issue for Gibraltar in 2016) has also reared its head, with UK PM David Cameron reiterating that Gibraltarians will get a vote on Brexit (says GBC). Not that we’re expecting 30,000 votes to sway the result. GBC has a press release from the Gibraltarian Liberal Party saying it will be working on the constitutional issues.

A historical side note to this is that in the UK, Parliamentary papers are released thirty years after the event. So we now know that then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was concerned that the Argentinian war would provoke a Spanish invasion of Gibraltar, widely reported including in the Olive Press.

It’s not all politics: in finance, the Gibraltar Stock Exchange has moved into different sorts of funding, confirms Funds Europe, as it continues to build its financial services business. Whatever happens in terms of Europe, constitution and otherwise, it’s going to be easier to get from the UK to Gibraltar as Monarch has now announced flights there from Gatwick, says GBC.

And at the end of last year a set of landmark DVDs and books were released on Gib history – more on that in our next article on the Gibraltar hub, check on Tuesday.

Guy Clapperton is the freelance journalist who edits the New Statesman’s Gibraltar hub. You can also find him in the Guardian, Computer Business Review and Professional Outsourcing which he edits.