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Croatian actor threatens Independent with legal action over Nazi pictures

Croatian actor's photo touched so that he resembled Kunz

The Independent was threatened with legal action by the Croatian actor Ljubomir Jurkovic for portraying him as the German Nazi murderer, Samuel Kunz, in a picture printed in the newspaper.

The picture was printed as part of a story about the death of the Nazi war criminal, who was responsible for the death of 430,000 Jews.

According to the Croatian daily Vecernji List, the picture was shot from the award-winning Croatian film "The living and the dead" ("Zivi i mrtvi"), in which Jurkovic plays an "ustasha", a member of the Croatian Revolutionary Movement which collaborated with the Nazis during the World War II.

The photograph shows Jurkovic wearing a typical hat that was part of an ustasha uniform.

Jurkovic, who claimed that his face in the photograph was additionally retouched to resemble Kunz, was offended for showing him as a Nazi.

He said before initiating a legal action against the paper, he would demand an apology and press charges, the damages from which he would donate for humanitarian causes.

The producers of the movie also said that the photo used is the property of their production company.

All of the British media, including the Guardian, have reported about Kunz's death.