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Prince album giveaway boosts Daily Mirror sales for a day

The first album giveaway in UK from a major artist increased Mirror sales by over 300K copies.

Sales of the Daily Mirror and Daily Record newspapers jumped on Saturday with musician Prince giving away his latest album free with their 10 July issues.

Daily Mirror sales increased by 334,000 copies, while that of the Daily Record surged by 45,000 copies, when compared to sales the previous Saturday.

This was the first time that a new album by a major recording artist has been released and distributed exclusively in national daily newspapers in the UK, notes the Guardian.

Prince decided to give away discs of his album called 20TEN, with the papers, saying it would circumvent internet piracy and would cause him "no stress".

The internet is, however, witnessing a re-sale of the album. The Mirror is reported to have said that the CD is being sold by people online, receiving bids of more than £14.