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The must-read comment pieces from this morning's papers.

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1. An independent Scotland must own its energy sources (Observer)

A significant portion of Scotland's oil has become the plaything of one individual

2. Everyone has secrets, so start worrying before the state grabs them all (Times)

We don’t care. We really don’t care. American politicians demand explanations, the Germans are furious, the Brazilians are incensed, the French insist that there must be immediate reform.

3. Why the Tories are home and dry in 2015 (Independent)

It turns out we would rather vote for someone who would give us more cash

4. British business must rebuild public trust – or be forced to (Financial Times)
To judge by recent newspaper headlines, something is going wrong with the British version of capitalism.

5. The man who killed waiting lists returns. Wish him luck (Times)

Before the new chief executive of the NHS was appointed last week, I spoke to three people who had been encouraged to apply for the job but had declined. All three feared it was impossible.

6. There's no need to apologise for the sorry state of Britain. But I'm sorry (Observer)

Even Americans have been forced to accept the value of our favourite self-effacing five-letter word

7. No global recovery yet (Telegraph)

We continue to be in a contained global depression

8. A revolution in thinking (Financial Times)

‘It is crystal clear that the new ‘r’ word poses big problems for America’s establishment’

9. Only full-scale reform of our energy market will prevent endless price rises (Observer)

Politicians thinking aloud achieve nothing. In a complex market dominated by the 'Big 6', we need a co-operative approach

10. Commonwealth summit: why this group of nations matters (Telegraph)

The Commonwealth and its ideals are still a force for peace and good government


The must-read comment pieces from this morning's papers.
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