Mail Online finds woman to blame for Hong Kong murders

That joke isn't funny any more.

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Hong Kong police have arrested banker Rurik Jutting for the murder of two sex workers, whose bodies were found in his apartment. Below is a screenshot of a story on Mail Online, posted this lunchtime.

Your mole has been trying for some time to come up with a witty, intelligent and thought-provoking insight to accompany it. But we're so incoherent with rage that, try as we might, we can't come up with anything better than, "Oh, for fuck's sake".

Yes, because when a man has been charged with the horrific murder of two women, it must be because of the loose sexual morals of someone who broke up with him two years ago. God forbid that anyone should be allowed to think for a moment that a women was not somehow to blame for this crime. 

Four different reporters are credited with this article. Four of them; all men. Their mothers must be very proud of them today. 

I'm a mole, innit.