David Cameron is evil, says Channel 4 (almost)

It’s an easy mistake to make. . .

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Channel 4 posted the following tweet to promote their coverage of David Cameron’s party conference speech:

If you’re familiar with the supposed left-wing bias of all British broadcast media, you probably just nodded sagely. Right-wingers all over the land leapt up, shouting “I knew it! I knew my hard-earned licence fee money was being used to promote communism!”

Except of course this wasn’t Channel 4 finally revealing its true leanings – they were actually quoting Cameron himself, who was talking about the threat posed by Islamic State (cunningly identified by the abbreviation IS).

All publications have struggled with how to refer to this terrorist organisation – they are variously called Islamic State, Isis, Isil etc. But this mole thinks we can now be sure how their name shouldn’t be shortened, especially when said reference also includes the word “evil” and a picture of the prime minister’s face.

I'm a mole, innit.

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