Daily Telegraph editor Tony Gallagher leaves the paper

Chris Evans will become acting editor for the weekday paper. Is a total restructure in the offing?

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It's all change at the Daily Telegraph, with editor Tony Gallagher leaving Telegraph Media Group (TMG).

Gallagher, who has been editor since 2009, was previously Head of News at the paper as well as News Editor and Assistant Editor at the Daily Mail.

The Sunday Telegraph editor Ian MacGregor adds the Saturday paper to his responsibilities, becoming acting Weekend Editor.

In September 2013, the Guardian reported that TMG's new Chief Content Officer and Editor-in-Chief Jason Seiken was introducing a new structure and production process. It involved merging the weekly and Sunday operation and then re-dividing them into five "pillars". The traditional editorship of the print paper loses prestige under this arrangement, given equal footing with "Impact" and "Live" (whatever those turn out to be).

However, in November last year, media commentator Roy Greenslade reported that this plan had been "put in cold storage". With Gallagher's somewhat sudden departure, it now looks as if the plan was back out in the warm.

A clue to why Gallagher has left might be found in the fact that his successor is being described as "acting print editor for the Monday to Friday paper". Perhaps Tony didn't fancy sharing the glory with the "Head of Impact" . . .

The full statement from Telegraph Media Group:

Telegraph Media Group (TMG) announced today (Tuesday) that Tony Gallagher, the Editor of The Daily Telegraph, is leaving the company as the business moves to the next phase of its digital transformation.

Murdoch MacLennan, the Chief Executive of TMG, said: “Tony has done an excellent job for the newspaper and helped us to maintain our position as Britain’s leading quality daily. In particular he played a pivotal role in the investigation into MPs’ expenses. I would like to thank him and wish him every success in the future.”

TMG has decided to restructure The Telegraph titles in order to build a wider audience and revenue in the digital media world.

Chris Evans, Assistant Editor (news), has been appointed Acting Print Editor of the Monday to Friday editions of The Daily Telegraph.

Ian MacGregor, The Editor of The Sunday Telegraph, becomes the Acting Weekend Print Editor of the Saturday and Sunday editions.

Both will report directly to Jason Seiken, Chief Content Officer and Editor-In-Chief.

Murdoch MacLennan said: “While continuing to produce brilliant newspapers in print and maintaining The Telegraph’s character and quality, the restructuring is designed to build on the Telegraph brand in order to attract customers with the very best, digital products possible.

“Unlike our rivals, The Telegraph remains profitable but we face increasing pressure on circulation and advertising revenue streams. To protect the Company’s future we need rapidly to embrace and adapt to the new digital world in which our customers live.”

Jason Seiken said: “We must reinvent the way we work and move beyond simply putting news and information online and be an essential part of the audience’s lives. Our competition is no longer only newspapers and we must innovate to survive.

“Since I joined TMG I have been talking to the staff at all levels. There is great enthusiasm waiting to be unlocked and the restructuring will open up enormous opportunities for our staff.”

Tony Gallagher leaves Downing Street following a meeting to discuss press regulation in December 2012. Photo: Getty

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