Watch: Fox News presenter misses his target and hurls an axe at his interviewee

But they failed to broadcast it.

Fox News may soon lose its position as the most-trusted news network in the US (ahem), following footage of one of its presenters attempting to hit a target with an axe, missing it, and hitting one of his interviewees instead.

And, ever the sly fox, the network didn't show the person (a marching band drummer, later interviewed on the show) being hit in its broadcast.

So here's what Fox News showed on the programme, a Sunday morning show called Fox & Friends:

Clip from Fox News. Source: The Independent.

And this is the full footage, posted by the man who was hit, Jeff Prosperie, of the West Point Band, on his Facebook page:

Although none of this was mentioned in his interview with the network, Prosperie later commented: "I was hit by an axe while performing a drum solo live on national TV . . . I am thankful to God that the double-sided blade only hit broadside on the outer elbow with significant impact and a couple of cuts as it fell along my wrist. It could have been much worse or fatal. Focusing on full physical and emotional recovery."

The Independent reports that Prosperie criticised Fox News for failing to broadcast the full footage: "The actual part where the axe hit me was not televised. Poor decision, obvious negligence, should not have happened, could have been avoided."

If this mole were a lesser mole, it would conclude that it's time Fox & Friends were axed.

I'm a mole, innit.

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