Westboro Baptist Church's bizarre feud with JK Rowling over the concept of Dumbledore and Gandalf marrying

Tiny bigoted Vines.

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JK Rowling has locked horns with famed hate speech aficionados the Westboro Baptist Church. And it's all gone a bit weird.

Following the Irish gay marriage referendum result, Rowling was prompted to suggest her creation, Dumbledore, can now get married to JRR Tolkien's equivalent elderly bearded wizard person, Gandalf.


But then someone from the Westboro Baptist Church - apparently doing their daily forensic trawl of Pink News - threatened to protest against the beautiful upcoming nuptials:


Quick as a flash, JK swooped in with a blistering response...

And the Westboro Baptist Church hit back with... a surreal Vine imagining the marriage of the two wizards..?


I'm a mole, innit.

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