Congratulations on your all-male panel! The Tumblr that exposes how men dominate public events

The Hoff approves your sausage-fest in a new site dedicated to all the times conference organisers forgot that 51 per cent of the population exists and might have something to contribute.

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There ain't no party like an all-male party. At least, that's what the world of "expert" panels, seminars, events seems to think. The tumblr Congratulations, you have an all-male panel! devotes itself to ironically celebrating these sausage-fests, with the erect thumb of David Hasselhoff plastered over each one in masculine approval.

Great job, Foreign Affairs! Foreign Policy is a white man's issue.


Excellent work, Games First! I once knew a woman who played video games, but she only did it to seduce nerdy guys, like all women who pretend to enjoy gaming.


No woman will ever deserve tenure, and the honest folk at UC Merced know it.


And the award for Innovation in All-Male Panel Topics goes to....


I'm a mole, innit.

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