Ed Balls successfully zings Sarah Vine in best Ed Balls-related gag since Ed Balls tweeted "Ed Balls"

This is politics, Britain. You're welcome to it.

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Sarah Vine is a columnist for the Daily Mail (formerly of the Times) and one of the founders of beauty site Get The Gloss. She's married to Michael Gove, the Tory chief whip.

Ed Balls is the Labour shadow chancellor. He's married to Yvette Cooper, the Labour shadow home secretary.

This mole does not like to descend to the level of criticising someone in the public eye for how attractive they are or aren't. However, others lack one's high horse; and in fairness to Ed Balls, this is a pretty good retort to Sarah Vine punching below the belt:

For Ed Balls, it's definitely the funniest thing he's done since that time he tweeted his own name. (And before he ruined it by trying to muscle in on the joke.) It's also the most amusing Gove-related incident since that time James Delingpole found him wandering through a field behind his house:

I'm a mole, innit.

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