Online troll Peter Nunn found guilty of tweeting abuse at MP Stella Creasy

The 33-year-old tweeted messages calling the MP for Walthamstow a "witch", and threatening her with rape.

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Peter Nunn has been found guilty at City of London Magistrates' Court of sending Labour MP Stella Creasy abusive messages on Twitter.

Nunn sent the malicious communications in the wake of the high-profile campaign by Caroline Criado-Perez to keep a woman's face on a British bank note.

The 33-year-old, from Bristol, began tweeting at Creasy on 29 July 2014 from multiple accounts, including a retweeted message which said: "Best way to rape a witch, try and drown her first then just when she's gagging for air that's when you enter." He later asked: "If you can't threaten to rape a celebrity, what is the point in having them?" He also retweeted multiple "menacing" tweets from other accounts which included further threats.

He also admitted sending Criado-Perez a message saying that she should take rape threats as "a compliment", and added: “I realise now that rape threats aren’t a compliment. I said you could take it as a compliment you are beautiful.” Earlier today he tweeted from the courtroom that prosecutor Alison Morgan was a "#witch".

Nunn claimed "the whole thing was obviously satirical".

I'm a mole, innit.

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