#AskThicke: Robin Thicke did a Twitter Q+A, and it didn't go so well

The Blurred Lines singer did a Twitter Q+A hosted by VH1. Mockery and scorn ensued.

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It's been payback time for everyone whose ears and sensibilities have been assaulted by Robin Thicke's misogynist lyrics in the catchiest controversy of 2013, Blurred Lines, as he has been subjected to remorseless mockery over a Twitter Q+A.

The Q+A was hosted by VH1, inviting fans to ask the singer questions over Twitter. It didn't go so well for Thicke when it descended into derision and fun-poking.

Here's a few of this mole's favourites:

Just search the hashtag #AskThicke to read the rest. You know you want to.

I'm a mole, innit.

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