Facebook adds a new button to ask people whether or not they're single

If your relationship status on the social networking site isn't filled in, viewers of your profile can now click 'Ask' to find out. 

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Facebook has introduced a new 'Ask' feature on its users' profiles, for viewers online to ask their friends what their relationship status is. If you haven't listed whether or not you're single on your profile, you may expect some curious social network lurkers to click 'Ask' to find out if you're free.

The website Mashable has checked out how the function works, discovering that clicking 'Ask' will allow you to send the person a message which then automatically includes a drop-down list of different types of relationship status for you to choose from.

You can also now 'Ask' about where people work, what their music and film preferences are, and where they live using the function – very useful for your dating/stalking fact-finding mission.

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