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Ministers argue that pension plans are "fair"

Treasury minister Danny Alexander is due to announce the rise in retirement age today, along with th

Ministers said today that public sector pension plans will be "fair and affordable", while unions accused them of sabotaging negotiations.

The Treasury minister Danny Alexander will confirm today that the public sector retirement age and state pension age will be linked. Both will soon rise to 66. Pension contributions must go up, but rises will be capped for the low paid he will add.

While talks between the two sides were continuing, the unions said the speech was "inflammatory" and the public sector workers have voted to strike on 30 June.

Alexander said the strike action was "disappointing", and it has been confirmed that the recommendations made on pension reform in the Hutton report will be adopted in his speech later today.

Alexander will also criticise unions "who seem hell bent on premature strike action before discussions are even complete".