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New Statesman magazine

The peak

Inside the mind of Dr Jim Down, a leading intensive care consultant, on the night of the peak number of deaths from Covid-19 in hospitals, by Edward Docx. Plus: Harry Lambert on Dominic Cummings, Emily Tamkin on Mike Pompeo, and much more


Letter from Myanmar: what comes after militant Buddhism?

The rise of Buddhist nationalism has led to some of the worst inter-faith violence the country has ever seen. But some monks are leading the charge against the most intolerant preachers.



Infected by ideas

For writers from Daniel Defoe to Susan Sontag, plagues offer a window on to a rapidly changing world.


What the pandemic tells us about personal identity

We have become more used to seeing others through screens and software, but we are embodied beings and digital communication can feel lacking. What effect will this have on us? 

How biased algorithms perpetuate inequality

Artificial intelligence is used to assist decision-making in healthcare, HR and criminal sentencing, but in many cases the technology is flawed.