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New Statesman magazine

Summer special

The NS 100-page summer special, featuring Judith Butler on intimacy, John Gray on China, Johanna Thomas-Corr on 20 years of Bridget Jones and Stephen Bush on the climate crisis. Plus Kate Mossman meets Rory Stewart and Caitlin Moran does the Q&A.



Bitcoin's gold rush was always an illusion

Millions of people have bought into the idea that cryptocurrencies could make them rich, fast. But these booms are fake, say economists, and they may now represent a systemic risk.



How Marvel conquered culture

A Star Wars geek turned the debt-ridden comic studio into a cinematic juggernaut – and became the most powerful man in Hollywood in the process.

The pain and shame of girlhood

In a collection of eight essays, the writer Melissa Febos uses her own adolescence as a departure point for exploring the fraught process of becoming a woman. 



How much should we trust technology?

We can't question every technology every time we use it – the price of eternal vigilance is mental exhaustion – but we must strive to be aware of our vulnerability.