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Top Ten Creative Campaigns | Greenpeace scales Mount Rushmore | 2009

Environmentalists scaled the south-east face of Mount Rushmore; they hung a banner calling for actio

On 9 July 2009 Environmentalists scaled Mount Rushmore and hung a banner calling for action to stop global warming alongside the carving of President Abraham Lincoln's face.

The climbers used existing rock anchors and hung up the 20 by 11m banner, which read "America honours leaders not politicians. Stop Global Warming."

Mount Rushmore Ranger Nav Singh saw the banner soon after it was unrolled and alerted officials who arranged for it to be removed about an hour after it was put up.

All 11 activists pleaded guilty to the charge of climbing Mount Rushmore and each received a $460 fine.

This was not the first time that demonstrators have chosen Mount Rushmore as a place to voice their discontent.

In October 1987 Greenpeace activists attempted to unfurl a banner shaped like a gas mask with the message 'We the People say no to Acid Rain' over George Washington's face.

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