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Top Ten Creative Campaigns | Afrobeat | 1960s-1980s

Political dissident Fela Kuti's music denounced Nigeria's corrupt dictatorships, Western cultural im

Fela pioneered the musical genre of Afrobeat, a blend of traditional Yoruba music, American funk and jazz.

Singing in English and Yoruba, with songs railing against injustice both in Nigeria and abroad, Fela gained a huge following.

Famous songs include "Zombie", an attack on witless soldiers who blindly follow orders and "V.I.P. - Vagabonds in Power".

The 1989 album "Beasts of No Nation" features caricatures of South Africa's former President P.W. Botha, Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan as vampires with blood dripping from their fangs.

The Nigerian government banned Fela's music and tried to silence him, burning down his compound in 1977.

He recounted this experience in his song "Unknown soldier".

On the day Fela was buried, Lagos was brought to a standstill as over a million people turned out for his funeral procession.

His legacy lives on in 'Fela!' a musical about his life, which was a smash hit on Broadway and is now on at London's National Theatre.

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