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Top Ten Creative Campaigns | | 2007

The internet movement represents the vanguard of protesting.

The global movement, set up in 2007, is based on four continents and sets out its values as:

The conviction that we are all human beings first, and privileged with responsibilities to each other, to future generations, and to the planet.

Rather than campaigning on a single issue, the organisation uses the connectedness of the web to conduct cross-border campaigns, in 14 languages, on any issue that reflects its values.

Over 6,790,007 members are able to log in and simply click to register their support for campaigns. This allows for mass support to be assembled in a short period.

Not confined to cyberspace, the organisation also organises what it terms "offline" campaigns.

A particularly successful example of "offline" campaigning occurred in Brazil in 2009.

Avaaz members made 14,000 phone calls and sent 30,000 messages over two days to the office of the then president, Lula da Silva, protesting a law to sell off parts of the Amazon rainforest for development. The law was reversed after immense public pressure.

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