Weekly round-up: politics, business and news from Gibraltar

A selection of the best articles about politics, business and life on the Rock from the last seven days

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  1. Seismic cabinet reshuffle looks to take Gibraltar into the future

Your Gibraltar TV reports: “Marking the government’s 3rd anniversary in power, a shock cabinet reshuffle was announced on Tuesday as ministers were ushered into no.6 to face the chief and deputy chief minister, one by one, mirroring the UK government’s practice.”

  1. Picardo signs new £77m power station contract

GBC News reports: “The government has today signed a £77m contract with Bouygues Energy Services for the construction and first-year maintenance of the new liquid natural gas power station.”

  1. Gibraltar to host international environment conference

Gibraltar Chronicle reports: “Marine conservation will be one of the core topics at a major international conference in Gibraltar next year, which will bring together environmental experts and government officials from across Britain’s overseas territories and crown dependencies.”

  1. Success over draft aviation law, says UK representation in EU

GBC News reports: “The UK's permanent representation in Brussels has announced that the Italian government has confirmed the draft EU legislation on the Single Sky aviation framework will not go ahead without Gibraltar's inclusion.”

  1. Majority in favour of attending ‘ad hoc’ talks – GBC poll

Gibraltar Chronicle reports: “An overwhelming majority of Gibraltarians believe that Gibraltar should take part in ‘ad hoc’ talks with Spain and the UK, and there is strong support for allowing commercial fishing in British Gibraltar territorial water so long as this is under a properly regulated licensing system.”