Morning call: the best from Gibraltar

A selection of the best articles about politics, business and life on the Rock from the last seven days.

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  1. Gibraltar left with UKIP by default after Eurosceptic party gains ground (Olive Press)

The Olive Press reports: Gibraltar residents were left furious after they lost their Lib Dem MEP Sir Graham Watson despite 66% of them voting for him. Gibraltar will be supported in Brussels by two UKIP MEPs, two Conservatives, a Labour and a Green MEP along with the rest of the South West region. It comes after just 4% of the enclave voted for the Eurosceptic party. 


  1. Bishop of Gibraltar to replace Bishop of Hallam in July (Sheffield Telegraph)

The Sheffield Telegraph reports: Two-and-a-half years after announcing his intention to retire, the Rt Rev John Rawsthorne is to be replaced by the Bishop of Gibraltar, Ralph Heskett, who visited Sheffield this week and met local priests. Bishop John knew him as a parish priest in Liverpool. “He has had three years at Bishop of Gibraltar, and Gibraltar is very different to South Yorkshire, particularly with regard to sunshine! I think he will be wonderful here. He is a very pastoral person and a very accomplished preacher.”


  1. Gibraltar monkey issues are “a human problem”, says Department of Environment (Olive Press)

A new cute cartoon commercial sponsored by Gibraltar’s Department of the Environment and premiered on GBC TV this month urges people to use new monkey-proof bins in a bid to keep marauding macaques out of town. Gibraltar’s Health and Environment Minister Dr John Cortes has said this “pest problem” is a human behaviour, not an animal behaviour issue: “It’s not an over-population problem or even a monkey problem – it’s a human problem.”


  1. Gibraltar delegation heads to Cardiff conference (Panorama, Gibraltar Chronicle)

A delegation from the Gibraltar Branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association are attending the 44th Regional Conference of the British Islands and Mediterranean Region, held in Cardiff this week. Themes discussed by the delegation included “Equality of Access to Democracy”.  Equalities Minister Samantha Sacramento also took the opportunity to call for the support of those Commonwealth countries present against the continued harassment from Spain.


  1. US connections seek big future for little Rock (Panorama)

Panorama reports: The Gibraltar American Chamber of Commerce has been holding meetings at the Sunborn Floating Hotel to enhance business connections between local and US companies. Nearly 160 bilateral meetings will be held over two days to connect 27 local companies with 22 foreign companies, with announcements on closed agreements to be made at the end of today. Ken Salazar, 50th US Secretary of the Interior, former US Senator and former Attorney-General, hosted the meetings saying: "Amcham was formed because there are opportunities for North American companies and companies from around the world to expand their business opportunities for goods and services here in Gibraltar. We know it is a stepping stone to over 500 million people in the EU. When you think about that it is almost twice the population of the United States of America.


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