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HomeSun to offer free solar panel installations to UK households

New scheme will see 2.5 million homes fitted with solar panels over next three years

British energy company HomeSun will offer free solar panel installations to UK households with an investment of approximately GBP1bn.

Under the scheme, about 2.5 million homes are expected to receive the solar photovoltaic panels over the course of the next three years.

Daniel Green, chief executive of HomeSun, said that the scheme is designed to encourage take-up of renewable power helping the government meet EU carbon reduction targets.

Mr Green further said that the company aims to launch the UK as a leading provider of solar energy and the panel installations will help the home owners cut their electricity bills by generating energy themselves.

As per media reports, HomeSun will provide and install 2.5kWh - 4kWh systems and will also monitor and maintain the panels for 25 years.