Plumbing organisation urges Scottish government to introduce Boiler Scrappage Scheme

SNIPEF (The Scottish & Northern Ireland Plumbing Employers' Federation) which represents nearly 700

The Petition calls on the Scottish Parliament to 'introduce a financial incentive similar to that which applies in England to encourage the replacement of older, inefficient central heating boilers'.

Robert Burgon, director of SNIPEF, said: "By introducing a boiler scrappage scheme in Scotland it will mean the Scottish Government will have a great opportunity not only to help with fuel poverty by reducing the large number of inefficient boilers which exist, but also to help to reduce Scotland's carbon footprint.

"We have decided to launch this as an e-petition as a means of demonstrating to the Scottish Government that such a scheme would be popular in Scotland and we encourage people to sign the e-petition before the closing date of 19 February 2010."

Mr Burgon added, "With the likelihood of continuing increases in fuel costs the incidence of fuel poverty will regrettably continue to increase. Householders with older, inefficient boilers will be doubly affected as their boilers use more fuel than would be the case with a modern boiler.

"We understand the government's position over focusing the assistance to those who are affected by fuel poverty and we are sure that a scheme can be developed which both does this and addresses the environmental damage caused by inefficient central heating boilers."