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Thousands in Greece strike against cuts and taxes

24 hour nationwide strike sees Greece grind to a halt.

The general strike against the IMF-backed EU austerity measures halted public services, including flights and trains, in Greece on Wednesday. Under the strike, schools, hospitals and ancient sites are to be closed, along with shops and many public offices. News broadcasts will also stopped.

Protestors at many places in the country turned violent and clashed with the police. Athens witnesses some of the largest demonstrations in recent years as tens of thousands of Greeks took to the streets. The joint €110bn rescue package from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund was announced on Sunday by the cash-strapped Greek government.

The austerity measures propose income cuts for pensioners and a steep rise in taxes, and have led to widespread resentment. Greeks in the low-income bracket are the most likely to be affected by the measures. The Greek parliament is set to vote on the draft bill of the proposal by the end of the week.