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Facebook not to disable WikiLeaks account yet

"We haven't received any official requests to disable the WikiLeaks page" said a spokesman

Facebook currently has no plans to remove the WikiLeaks account from its network yet, the social networking site's spokesman Andrew Noyes told Forbes on Wednesday.

After releasing 250,000 secret US cables, the whistleblower site and its founder Julian Assange have come under fire from various countries.

In the last week, every organisation that had association with the site had disassociated itself with it.

Web services provider Amazon stopped hosting its files, domain provider EveryDNS cancelled its routing service, e-payment platform PayPal disabled its account, card companies Visa and Mastercard have suspending payments and the Swiss bank froze Assange's account after he was charged with sexual wrongdoings.

"We haven't received any official requests to disable the WikiLeaks page, or any notification that the articles posted on the page contain unlawful content," said Noyes.

He said the site would review the material according to their rules and standards, and delete it if necessary.

"The mere existence of a WikiLeaks fan page on Facebook doesn't violate any law and we would not take it down just like we don't take down other pages about controversial topics. We're continuing to monitor the situation," he added.