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Global online ad spend to overtake newspapers by 2013

TV and video advertising will continue to dominate ad budgets.

Global online ad spending will overtake newspapers by 2013, advertising metrics firm MagnaGlobal predicted on Sunday.

MagnaGlobal along with other advertising forecasters such as media buying company Zenith OptiMedia will release their advertising forecast reports at a media and entertainment investor conference at New York on Monday.

Zenith OptiMedia expects online ads and newspaper ads globally to attract almost equal amounts of ad spending in 2013.

The MagnaGlobal report also predicts a 7.7 per cent total rise in the internet ad spend in the UK in 2011, as against this year's expected 11 per cent gain.

Although globally, online advertising's growth is fast, video and TV advertising will continue to dominate the media. TV will command a 40 per cent share of all ad budgets and gain 7.5 percent annually through 2016.

Mobile advertising will grow at a similar pace as online video. Within five years, web publishers are likely to see $6.6bn revenues from mobile advertising alone, the Magna report added.