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Myspace launches new mobile website

Social networking site will also release a new iPhone app soon

Myspace launched a new mobile website on Tuesday, and said that the move was intended to extend its "social entertainment experience" to mobile devices across the board.

It will also release a new iPhone app soon.

Myspace chief executive Michael Jones referred to the company's mobile strategy as a two-pronged approach which makes the site's entertainment element 'portable' while simultaneously building several independent mobile applications designed specifically for entertainment.

The new mobile website, currently available on all iPhone, iPod touch, Android and BlackBerry devices features celebrity news and videos. It allows users to share photographs, videos, links, status updates and more across other social networks.

Myspace said its iPhone app will focus on the site's activity stream. If users have music from specific music bands on their devices, the app will automatically add updates of those bands onto the user's stream.