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Al Qaeda’s online magazine trying to recruit alienated American Muslims

Magazine features verse-quoting theological justifications for terrorist attacks

Terrorist organisation Al Qaeda has been instigating young American Muslims to kill their neighbours through its "edgy new online magazine" - Inspire - reports the Wall Street Journal.

The third issue of the magazine, which came out in November, is specifically "calculated to appeal to American Muslims who grew up on glossy magazines like Details and GQ", according to the Wall Street Journal.

The magazine also features alarming photographs, feature stories, insider details, snappy news bits and verse-quoting theological justifications for terrorist attacks.

Security experts have expressed concerns that the US's biggest security threat in the coming years will be "home grown radicalisation" or the growth of home grown Muslim terrorism in America from a secondary nuisance into a major threat.

The Wall Street Journal believes that two long time American citizens -- Samir Khan, a Saudi-born American who produced jihadist propaganda from his parents' basement in Queens, NY, before fleeing to Yemen in 2007, and Anwar Al-Awlaki, a supposedly "moderate" Islamist cleric who once ran a mosque in Virginia - are at the helm of 'Inspire'.

The most unnerving fact about the magazine is that it provides step-by-step instruction in the nuts and bolts of killing people with readily available objects.