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A quarter of social media users responsible for most of news link sharing

Research shows 65 per cent of shared content was major current news stories and 19 per cent were bre

About 27 per cent of social media users were responsible for sharing 87 per cent of news stories across social networks, a new research conducted by CNN pointed out on Thursday.

Titled Pownar (power of news and recommendations) report, the research identified the factors that motivated users to share the stories and how advertisers benefit when they are on recommended news pages.

Around 65 per cent of shared content were major current news stories, 19 per cent were breaking news and 16 per cent were quirky news.
The most commonly recommended content was national and international news around human-interest stories and money, as well as science and technology news and visually pleasing stories.

CNN senior vice-president of research Didier Mormesse said the objective was to find out how significant recommended stories are to advertisers.

"Though recommended news seems highly unpredictable, we've have identified a number of key drivers and key motivations, so we do have some ways of understanding what people share and why they share," he added.

The research was conducted between June and August with 2,300 consumers, using eye-tracking and biometrics to measure readers' engagement with stories.