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BP biggest Google Adwords spender in 2010

Beleaguered oil giant spent $3.6 million in the month when Tony Hayward gave his unpopular Congress

In two months, BP has become one of Google's top advertisers, AdAge reported on Monday.

The marketing and media magazine said it has accessed some secret Google documents that showed how much big companies have spent recently on Google's AdWords pay per click advertising service.

The oil and gas company increased its search advertising spend from $57,000 a month to $3.6m in June alone. This is a significant outlay even for BP, the report said.

BP spent $94m on advertising in 2009, and $78.7m in the first six months of 2010 alone (excluding search), according to tracking firm Kantar Media.

Search advertisers only pay when their ads get clicked. In June, the BP oil crisis was making news, driving clicks on BP's ads, AdAge added.

If BP had continued spending at this rate, search would have become one of the bigger advertising line items by the end of the year, the report said.