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Mobile content use rises in the US

31.4 per cent of mobile users downloaded an app in the July quarter.

The number of people in the US accessing content on their mobile phones, including app downloads, texting, browsing and social networking, has increased.

The latest survey by market research firm comScore, on the mobile phone industry, compared the three-month average ending July 2010 with the three-month average ending April 2010.

About 31.4 per cent of mobile users downloaded an app for the July quarter, up from 29.8 per cent in the April quarter, revealed the report released on Wednesday.

The survey measured mobile usage among persons aged 13 years and above. The number of mobile subscribers who accessed the mobile web has risen from 31.1 per cent to 33 per cent.

People accessing social networking sites or blogs via mobile handsets also increased from about 20 per cent to nearly 22 per cent.

Texting remained the most common non-voice mobile activity, with 66 per cent of mobile users exchanging messages on their phones, according to the report.