Hyperlocal US news site TBD.com launched

Washington-based news site that integrates "social media tools and local community" is first of its

Allbritton Communications has launched TBD.com, a Washington-based hyperlocal news site that integrates social media tools and the local community into the newsgathering process, on Monday.

Started by the company which also owns US political website Politico and News Channel 8, TBD incorporates the former sites of TV stations WJLA and News Channel 8.

In a letter posted online, editor Erik Wemple dubbed TBD as an aggressive news-filtering machine powered by a team of 12 reporters and 129 community bloggers.

TBD will use social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare for its news inputs.

General Manager Jim Brady, former executive editor of the Washington Post's online unit, said the site is trying to get a mix of professionally produced content and contributions from local citizens.

"If we put it all together, we'll have created news report that is different than anything that you're seeing in the market so far", he added.