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New smartphone apps help Muslims during Ramadan

"Find Mecca" and "Mosque Finder" will help Muslims pray during holy month with iPray

Smartphone apps are helping Muslims during Ramadan, the month-long rite of fasting and prayer.

The programs offer worshippers everything they need to know, in order to observe Islam's holiest month.

While the iPray app reminds the devout about prayer schedules, iQuran helps them with holy verses from the Quran.

The "Find Mecca" and "mosque finder" apps help Muslim travellers in unfamiliar cities find the nearest place to pray.

While some apps are free, most range in price from 1-3 dollars for a download.

The Ramadan Daily Dua, available for the iPhone and iPad, offers a prayer specific to each day during the holy month, while Ramadan Booster Pro recommends a list of good deeds to be done during the month.

There are also Bible apps for Christians, and Bhagavad Gita apps for followers of Hinduism.