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Germany to ban spying on job applicants using social networks

The move follows recent public outcry that companies were found spying on employee e-mail.

The German cabinet has drafted a law which is likely to make it illegal for prospective employers to spy on job applicants on social networking sites.

The draft law on employee data security presented by Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere will address privacy concerns about online services.

It follows recent public outrage in the country after some companies were found spying on employee e-mails and monitoring sales personnel during coffee breaks through video surveillance.

Employers are allowed to run a search on the web on their applicants, but befriending the employee on a social networking site such as Facebook in order to check out private details would be illegal, de Maiziere said.

Checking out anything in public is allowed and so are postings on professional networks such as LinkedIn, he said.

A job applicant who proves he or she was rejected based on violation of the new law could take the company to court and claim damages, added the minister.